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We are SO EXCITED to Launch our new Fidgets Store today!


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Here you can grab your Fidgets, Poppers, Bubble Pops, Pop Its, Push Pops, Magnet Rings, Dimples, Snappers, Slimes, Squishy, Stress balls, Spinners, and more! Grab fidgets for all the fidgeters in your life. Our two adorable fidgeters couldn’t wait to share their favorites with you all. Our fidgets are great for both kids (youngsters) and adults (the young at heart), and even help to reduce anxiety, stress, and boredom. Children with autism and ADHD have also been known to benefit from these products. These fidgeters believe in giving back, so we will be donating a portion of our net proceeds to the local Children's Hospital. We are a woman and kid-owned business, helping other kids!

Thank you for shopping and tell all your friends!


-The Fidgeters  

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