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Teachers Celebrate!

The end of the school year is almost upon us, and teachers and students alike are excited to make their summer plans! 



Many teachers have been using our fidgets multiple ways in their classrooms! Some get fidgets to add to their "treasure chests" as prizes for students to pick out whenever they've earned it with enough points, were caught doing a "random act of kindness," or had perfect attendance!



Other teachers have simply been giving these fidgets out as going away gifts, to mark the end of a particularly challenging year. Especially since these toys help to keep kids off electronics. 



But regardless of how teachers have been using our fidgets in their classrooms, they all agree that the fidget is an ideal "toy." Fidgets promote sensory learning, keeps fidgety hands full, and is quiet as it helps relieve stress and anxiety in all children, not just those with ADHD or autism. 



 All of us here at the Fidgets Store recognize that teachers are instrumental in guiding our future (as children are our future), so we'd like to offer "Bulk Discounts" for those (particularly teachers) who are buying 24 or more fidgets!



Please contact us for "Bulk Discounts" at: or call 1-888-597-7372 









-The Fidgeters  



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